Instituto Cervantes / New Delhi.

Tthe Instituto Cervantes in New Delhi. Its halls will house a collection of recent works by the artist in the exhibition titled “The script of the Infinite.”

The Argentine-Mexican artist creates pieces that combine traditional and contemporary techniques, textile art, painting, and video.

The works lead us into the realm of the encrypted. In the circles of signs drawn by the artist, the Greek and Latin alphabets intermingle, hinting at the infinite combinatory possibilities of language. The Wheels recall the cycles of time, seemingly rooted in some shelf of the Library of Babel where hieroglyphs inhabit musical staves with calligraphic elegance.

The “Discs of the Stars” mark the position of each point of light, interpreting them as a musical score and synthesizing the expanded temporality of the stars into a more comprehensible dimension for the finite human experience.

The exhibition offers a journey through celestial cartographies, the result of extensive research between art and science, weaving together momentums: from the primordial origins of human culture—the textiles—to digital and image visualization technologies, a hallmark of our times.